Our Capability

HDD Drilling prides itself on our modern depots and equipment. Our capabilities include:

  • Drills: Our advanced drilling rigs are capable of effectively drilling into different types of terrain, including rock, clay, and mudstone.

  • Excavators: We have a range of excavators available, including the versatile Small Takeuchi and the reliable CASE Diggers. Additionally, we possess a Large CASE Digger for larger-scale projects.

  • NDD Equipment: Our fleet includes a high-capacity 10,000L VAC Trucks (VTI’s Hercules 1500 10000L), 8,000L and 6,000L truck mounted units and VAC Trailers. These specialised vehicles offer efficient hydro-vacuum capabilities.

  • Reinstatements: To promptly reinstate concrete bays, we utilize a mini mixer, ensuring timely completion of projects.

  • Tip Trucks: Our fleet includes Isuzu and Volvo Tippers, enabling us to handle material transportation effectively.

We operate a fully equipped workshop with a 24/7 diesel mechanic, ensuring regular maintenance of plant and equipment based on manufacturers’ recommendations and industry standards. Our stocked service truck quickly responds to breakdowns, minimizing downtime. We prioritize efficient operations, delivering exceptional HDD drilling services with advanced machinery, skilled personnel, and prompt reinstatement capabilities.

NDD Equipment

Our NDD Equipment, including the VTI Hercules 1500 10,000L Vac x 2, 1000L Vac Dig, 2 x 8,000L and 2 x 6,000L Ditch Witch Units, and 2 x Vermeer VAC Trailers, delivers outstanding hydro-vacuum capabilities. The Hercules 1500 offers powerful suction and large capacity, efficiently removing various materials during excavation. With advanced hydro-vacuum tech, it handles challenging ground conditions, extracting debris with precision. VAC Trailers enhance suction power and flexibility for diverse job sites, providing a reliable solution for HDD drilling operations with high productivity and precision.


Our fleet includes the versatile Small Takeuchi excavators, which excel in maneuverability and compactness, making them ideal for projects with limited space or intricate terrain. For reliability and performance, we rely on our dependable CASE Diggers, which offer robust capabilities and precision in a variety of ground conditions. Moreover, for larger-scale projects that demand increased power and capacity, we possess a Large CASE Digger that delivers exceptional strength and efficiency. With this comprehensive selection of excavators, we ensure that we can tackle projects of various scales and complexities,


Our reinstatement crews work closely with our crews to ensure that our work sites cause minimal impact to the environment. We are able to provide top soil reinstatement, along with replacing concrete bays with our concrete agitator.

By having a dedicated reinstatement crew, we aim to ensure that we complete any reinstatement (top soil or concrete) is completed within 10 working days of the job site being completed.

Tip Trucks

HDD Drilling have a variety of different types of tip trucks which is used to transport materials in an effective and efficient manner. Our fleet includes an extensive range of various weights and sizes.

Our fleet help us to move any disturbance that we make during our works and allows us to dispose of correctly and environmentally friendly. Our smaller tippers accompany our Pole to Pit and Reinstatement crews, which provides us with transporting extra equipment to the job site or soil and seed for our reinstatement.  Our bigger tippers are also used to pull equipment and support our Major Project crews.

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